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The Cognitive and Educational Sciences Laboratory at the Faculty of Education, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, is aimed at bringing together research on cognitive processes and education/didactics, in order to establish a link between the two disciplines.

The laboratory employs several methods from behavioral and computerized testing, questionnaires and interviews, eye-tracking inspection, in order to provide a common background to scientific and applicative perspectives, by merging different research fields.


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Forthcoming activities

Due to the restrictions required to cope with the SARS-CoV2 emergency, many planned activity will not take place (or are postponed to an undefined date).

Stay healthy, stay safe!

European Project

The CESLab coordinates the unibz research unit within the Erasmus+ project:

Robotics for the Inclusive Development of Atypical and Typical Children

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2020/Apr/15: An interview to Reinhard Tschiesner has appeared on the newspaper "Dolomiten", discussing about the personal development during the SarsCoV2-crisis ("An der Corona-Krise wachsen") (in German language)

2020/Apr/12: An interview to Antonella Brighi has appeared on the newspaper "Zett", discussing how to help children to manage the fear of the SarsCoV2 virus ("Kindern im Umgang mit "Corona-Angst" helfen" (in German language).

2020/Apr/07: An interview to Demis Basso has appeared on the newspaper "Alto Adige", discussing about the relevance of a resilient approach ("Bisogna imparare a diventare resilienti. Vi spiego come") (in Italian language).

2020/Jan/13: The paper "Prospective memory monitoring and aftereffects of deactivated intentions across the lifespan" by M. Cottini and B. Meier has been published in Cognitive Development. Congratulations for the outstanding result!

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